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Mark Ottobre is the founder of Enterprise Fitness, a personal training studio that has produced over 260 first-place winners in bikini, fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitions.


Mark is has been at the pinnacle as a competition prep coach, training multiple international and Australian champions and as a strength coach, training commonwealth games gold medalists, olympic medalists, world and Australian champion boxers.


His team and results are known and sought after across personal training communities world-wide. Students and clients have travelled from 13 different countries to attend seminars held by Mark at Enterprise Fitness.


A thought leader in the industry, Mark regularly likes to talk shop with other industry experts on this podcast and Youtube show The Wolf’s Den. Topics and guests range from powerlifting icon, Ed Coan to discussing the war on drugs with university professors.


Mark is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), a Poliquin International Certified (PICP) Level 5 Master Strength Coach and holds numerous certifications in Olympic lifting, nutrition, assessment and mindset coaching.







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